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2016 Update: Progress on the Implementation of GHS in APEC Economies


At the 7th Chemical Dialogue (CD) meeting in Peru in 2008, the report of the Virtual Working Group on GHS titled “Developing Clarity and Consistency in the Implementation of the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)” was endorsed.  This recognized the progress made and difficulties faced by APEC CD Members in their work to implement GHS across the region, and with our trading partners.

The Virtual Working Group developed the GHS Implementation Reporting Template to be used for regular reporting of GHS implementation progress.  This 2015 report is the sixth progress report of GHS implementation by APEC economies

In total, there are 13 GHS reporting templates from 12 economies for analysis for this report. Reports were received from – Australia; Canada; Chinese Taipei; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; New Zealand; the Philippines; Russia; Vietnam, and separate forms from the United States government (OSHA) and industry (American Petroleum Institute (API)). The completeness of the report varies from only the “General” section being completed, to every section being completed.

Download: 2016 CD Virtual Working Group Report